Why Your Business Needs A website

WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE. Gone are the days when thriving in a business involved only the good old’ door to door sales route. Nowadays, businesses are taking their market online and meeting their consumers where they spend most of their time. Just in case you’ve been wondering whether you should get a website for your business, we are here to let you know that to have a successful business venture in this time and age, one of your most required digital [...]

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Why You Should Adopt Digital Marketing Strategy In Your Business

WHY YOU SHOULD ADOPT DIGITAL MARKETING IN YOUR BUSINESS Digital marketing seems like the new kid-on-the-block. Everyone keeps talking about the concept of digital marketing and social media marketing using words like content, digital media, social media management, Online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and many more. All these can be intimidating for a regular business owner only focused on making sales with the good but obsolete traditional marketing tactics. Digital marketing is essentially the promotion of your brand, product or service via [...]

checklist for political campaigns in Nigeria

Digital Marketing Checklist for Political Campaign in Nigeria

The 2019 election is drawing near and so many political parties in Nigeria are still trying to get a piece of the online visibility. Social media and digital marketing is now an integral part of the twenty-first-century political campaigns. Digital marketing has a great role to play when it comes to politics, elections and campaigns. Gone are the days where political parties and aspirants focus strictly on the traditional medium of advertising which includes radio, Television, Newspapers and posters. Even [...]

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42 Features of a professional Website

42 Features of a professional Website – it is important for every business/organization to have a brand website. It is one of the little extra spices that you can add to your business in the twenty-first century, to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives. Having a website gives you extra leverage to reach more customers than your competitors. A professionally designed website should help you reach more people, make more sales, target a potential new market, right [...]

Characteristics of a professional website

Characteristics of a Professional Website

Characteristics of a Professional Website: Your website is most likely the opening channel to your online digital space. However, basic knowledge of website design with proper marketing skills will greatly improve leads and inflow of traffic and conversion on your site. Understanding how your website works is essential, having in mind that first impression matters. So when designing a website, always make sure you get an experienced website design company. Without further mumbling, here are some characteristics of a professional websites. CHARACTERISTICS [...]

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Website Design Company in Nigeria | Brandler Solutions

Website Design and Digital Marketing Nigeria Brandler Solutions is a digital marketing and website design / Development company based in Lagos Nigeria. We offer unique, excellent and world class digital marketing services. We live up to our clients expectations, we offer bespoke website design services, digital marketing that converts, social media management that engages, graphic design, logo designs that elevate your brand, internet marketing services that will help you reach your potential clients. Our digital strategy will help you identify your [...]