Characteristics of a Professional Website

Characteristics of a professional website

Characteristics of a Professional Website

Characteristics of a Professional Website: Your website is most likely the opening channel to your online digital space. However, basic knowledge of website design with proper marketing skills will greatly improve leads and inflow of traffic and conversion on your site. Understanding how your website works is essential, having in mind that first impression matters. So when designing a website, always make sure you get an experienced website design company. Without further mumbling, here are some characteristics of a professional websites.


1. Mobile Responsiveness: In today’s global trend, 80% of your website visitors will make use of their mobile devices to browse. Therefore, your site must be mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means your website has a mobile feel when access via a mobile device
2. Easy to navigate: This characteristic is good for user experience. Visitors should be able to move around easily without complications. Your Users should find your website easy to access.
3. Simple and lovely design: Your designs should be basic, clear, attractive. Avoid too many conflicting images, colours and any complications should be avoided on your website.
4. User Friendly: Your website should be user friendly, in terms of colours , site architecture and feel, users should feel calm visiting your site, Imagine a site with black background and red text. That’s not cool.
5. Works on all browser: For a successful online business, browser compatibility is key. A professional website must be compatible on all popular browsers which includes Firefox, Chrome , Microsoft Edge, Safari , opera etc
6. Google analytics integration: This helps you monitor your websites traffic and generates reports that will help your business growth.
7. Fast Loading: We live in a fast world and that’s why we have fast cars, fast internet, speed trains etc . So your website is not an exception. Your website must be easy and fast to load. Nobody wants to wait for several seconds or minutes for your website to load.
8. Good hosting : Your hosting company can make or mar you, always go for trusted hosting companies. Some hosting companies are known to have high down time. This could lead to the loss of a potential client.
9. Security: A good website should be well secured from potential hackers, It should have a SSL certificate and vital information should be encrypted.
10. Backup : Because we don’t live in a perfect world, for different reasons, your website could crash, attacked, your files could be mistakenly deleted etc. So what happens if you don’t have a backup? all your information will be lost. It is very important for websites to have a backup in place.
11. Content management system: Your website must have a good content management system that ensures easy postings, editing and manipulation of text, images, graphics , animation and  videos.
12. Cache : Make sure you enable cache on your website, this will help optimise your site speed when customers are revisiting your site. Cache is a way the browser stores the site locally so that every time a user visits the site, the page loads from the data stored on the browser rather than loading directly from the web server thereby optimizing the speed.
13. High performance : Your website must have a high performance standard. 99% uptime. Auto responds to enquiries, every page and functionalities should work the way they are designed to work. Swift response to enquiries etc.

14. Social Integration: One good characteristics of a professional website is; it must be integrated with your social media to make it easy for people to share and follow you on social media like facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

These are characteristics for a professionally designed website.

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