Why Your Business Needs A website

WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE. Gone are the days when thriving in a business involved only the good old’ door to door sales route. Nowadays, businesses are taking their market online and meeting their consumers where they spend most of their time. Just in case you’ve been wondering whether you should get a website for your business, we are here to let you know that to have a successful business venture in this time and age, one of your most required digital [...]

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Why You Should Adopt Digital Marketing Strategy In Your Business

WHY YOU SHOULD ADOPT DIGITAL MARKETING IN YOUR BUSINESS Digital marketing seems like the new kid-on-the-block. Everyone keeps talking about the concept of digital marketing and social media marketing using words like content, digital media, social media management, Online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and many more. All these can be intimidating for a regular business owner only focused on making sales with the good but obsolete traditional marketing tactics. Digital marketing is essentially the promotion of your brand, product or service via [...]